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Kentucky Mines & Minerals
 President - Trish Henson
(859) 523-2761 

Vice President - Debbie Steuart
(859) 351-9113
Treasurer - Joe Moore    
(859) 361-0976

Secretary - Mary Anne Olson

Show Charman - Allen Ferrell
(859) 277-2469

News Letter Editor - Steve DeFosse

Some of the benefits of club membership are monthly newsletters, monthly fieldtrips with insurance coverage, membership in the Southeast Federation of Mineralogical Societies, eligibility to attend Federation sponsored weeklong educational workshops held during many months at either William Holland or Wildacres, and networking with and learning from all the wonderful members of ROCK. If any member needs information concerning the rock and lapidary hobby, please feel free to contact any officer for referral to the member best able to help with their area of interest. Also, updated member lists are distributed at monthly meetings. Keep your copy handy for easy access to club membership.

More Bench Tips by Brad Smith at: or

DO BEZELS SHRINK The engineer in me says there's no reason a bezel should shrink when I solder it onto a base plate, but I sometimes find that the stone won't quite fit into the bezel that was perfect just before soldering. If that ever happens to you, here's a fix that usually works for those times when there's just a minor prob-lem. I file or sand the stone down a little around it's base. For soft cabs like turquoise, lapis, jet or howelite, you can use a sanding stick. But for harder cabs like jasper or agates, you have to use a diamond file or one of the ruby nail files from the drugstore. There are two important things to remember when doing this. First, you can only make a minor adjustment in the stone size. All filing or sanding has to be hidden by the bezel because it takes the polish off the stone. Secondly, remember to round off all sharp edges on the bottom of the stone. A sharp edge here might sit on a little extra solder that's in the bottom joint of your bezel. Just a little bump here can put enough stress the stone to risk breakage when you burnish the bezel down over onto the stone.

STRAIGHTENING WIRE Have you ever pulled out your silver wire and found that it's all bent up. The easiest way I've found to straighten it out is to stretch it a bit. Simply put one end in the vise and grab the other end with a pair of ser-rated tip pliers. Then pull just enough to feel the wire stretch like a rubber band. This works best on smaller wire diameters, up to about 16 ga. If you're working on thick wires and pulling hard, be sure to brace yourself in case the wire breaks or pulls out of the pliers.

Two recent news items you may find interesting: METEORITE RING Want to make your own special "out of this world" ring? Take a chunk of Gibeon meteorite, forge it into a thin strip, and cut the strip into several short lengths. Then forge weld the lengths together, twist the resulting in-got, and finally form it into a ring shape. See pics of this special wedding ring at DRAGON'S BREATH Here be dragons. And then here be the steam machine of the Dragon's Breath. If you like small working steam engines, you'll be impressed by this one created by Hans Meevis from Saint Martin. It's made entirely from silver, gold and hand carved gemstones. Runs on steam or compressed air.


New members need to fill out the Membership Application Form. The form can be obtained from downloading directly from our club website.

ROCK Club Membership Application