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Kentucky Mines & Minerals
Kentucky Mines & Minerals

A Location Guide for Rock Hounds in the United States



Minerals are the major contribution to the Blue Grass State’s economy. These

consist mainly of coal, limestone, fluorspar, rock asphalt, gravel and sand-all products of

sedimentation. The state is part of a very old land surface, lying within the eastern uplifted

Appalachian Plateau and the westerly Interior Low Plateaus. During most of the Paleozoic

and Mesozoic eras, Kentucky lay beneath the sea, and thus its rock formations are

predominantly sedimentary shales, sandstones, limestone, etc., with almost no igneous or

metamorphic intrusions.


The rugged hardwood timbered Cumberland Plateau that comprises part of eastern Kentucky rises to 4,100’ in Big Black Mt., highest of numerous peaks that straddle the Virginia border in the range of the same name along the boundaries of Bell and Harlan counties. This plateau breaks toward the Bluegrass heartland in the Pottsville Escarpment,

marked by a belt of rounded shale hills known as the Knobs. To the west in the low Mississippian Plateau, a region of rocky hillsides denotes an extensive area of underground streams which have carved such great caverns as the famed Mammoth Caves in the limestone sub-strata.


The region lying east of the Tennessee River emerged from the Paleozoic seas toward the close of the Mississippian period some 340 million years ago. Outcropping rocks in this region range from middle Ordovician to the Pennsylvanian, containing few collectable minerals and gemstones but great amounts of fossils. Nevertheless, wherever the Fort

Payne and Warsaw formations of the Mississippian Period outcrop, gemmy geodes appear abundantly. These interesting nodules are found in many sizes from walnut to beach ball. Some contain beautifully banded chalcedony, while others have interiors lined with crystals of Calcite, Celestite, Fluorite, Goethite, Pyrite, and Quartz. The most productive area for

geodes surrounds the Bluegrass, southward into Tennessee. Throughout this considerable region, investigation of creek and stream beds & banks, runs & rills, rd. and RR cut banks, excavations, almost always reveals an abundant supply of geodes.


The lands lying west of the Tennessee R., known as the Purchase Region, did not emerge from the sea until Tertiary times only 40 to 50 million years ago. This region remained for long ages as the head of a great embayment extending north from the ancient Gulf of Mexico, thus receiving largely estuarine deposits. Cretaceous and Tertiary formation

are developed principally in the Jackson Purchase area, while Pleistocene alluvium occurs plentifully in the valleys of western Kentucky and along the Ohio R. and its tributaries.



AREA, countywide creeks, rivers, beds and banks, rd. cuts exposing the Warsaw

Formation-Quartz and other geodes.

COLUMBIA, the Shamrock Stone Co. limestone quarry-geodes.



SCOTTSVILLE, area quarries in the Warsaw formation-Quartz geodes.



WICKCLIFF: - E, in a ravine as a deposit-yellow ocher; - in gravel pit-




CAVE CITY, area commercial quarries, as pink and yellow gemmy varieties-


GLASGOW, in steam to E.-geodes.



OWINGSVILLE, area iron mines-Hematite.



MILLERSBURG, area mines-Barite, Galena.



ASHLAND (Boyd Co.): These counties in the extreme NE corner of Kentucky

comprise a considerable mining district for iron ores, mines and dumps producing as the

original material-Siderite.



DANVILLE: - many area mine dumpsBarite; - the Caldwell Quarry-

Fluorite (fluorescent).



AREA, many mines throughout W part of Co.-Barite, Calcite, Fluorite, etc.

CRIDER, N, in fault exposures-Fluorite, etc.

FREDONIA, area mines-Barite.

PRINCETON, area quarries-Calcite, Fluorite.



AREA, many well-known old mines such as Ashbridge, Glendale, Tabor, and other

regional mines back of the Ohio R.-Galena, Fluorite.



LAKETON, in bluffs of a nearby Cr., a deposit-yellow ocher.



AREA along the Ohio R. (KY side similarly famed Fluorite region of IL), many

Fluorite mines, such as the Old Jim Brown, Hodge, Columbia, etc.-Barite, Calcite,

Dolomite crystals, Fluorite (every color), Galena, Marcasite, Pyrite, Smithsonite,


MARION: - N 3 mi. from jct. of US 60 and Rte. 1668, on E side of rd., the

Crittenden Springs fault-Barite, Calcite, Dolomite crystals, Fluorite (every color),

Galena, Marcasite, Pyrite, Smithsonite, Sphalerite; - NW, off Rte. 387 at Hickory

Cane Mine dump (W of rd. and up Caney Cr. from the Glendale Baptist Church on Glendale

Church rd.) -mica, Fluorite, peridotite; - from jct. of US 60 and Rte. 855, go 1 mi. left to

old Kirk Mine-Barite, Calcite, Dolomite crystals, Fluorite (every color), Galena,

Marcasite, Pyrite, Smithsonite, Sphalerite; - SW 5 mi., as scattered depositsocher.

MEXICO, SW on US 70, turn left at the Crider Fluorspar Co. sign 0.8 mi. from town,

then left at 0.3 mi. (1.1 from town) across RR to the Pigmy Fluorspar Mine (open pit)

-Barite, Calcite, Dolomite crystals, Fluorite (every color), Galena, Marcasite, Pyrite,

Smithsonite, Sphalerite.

SHERIDAN, the Big Four Fault, NE to SW of Rte. 297 (the La Rue, Cartwright,

Macer, etc. Lead mines) -Anglesite, Cerussite, Fluorite, Galena, Pyromorphite,

Smithsonite, Smoky Quartz crystals.



AREA, igneous outcrops in the Little Sandy R. area-Apatite, Almandite garnets,

Chromite, Diopside, Enstatite, Feldspar, Quartz.

ISONVILLE, in peridotite outcrops along the banks of Ison Cr., especially just W of

confluence with Johnson Cr. and across from the Ison Johnson schoolEnstatite, Ilmenite,

Magnetite, mica, Olivine, peridotite, Pyrope garnet, serpentine.



LEXINGTON: - area mines-Barite; - vicinity of Morton’s Mill, mine-Fluorite;

- area of Elk Lick Falls (Petrified Falls), a large depositcave onyx (banded in brown and




FRANKFORT, area of Kissinger, as gangue mineral in the Clerk vein-Barite, with

Galena as main ore.



LANCASTER: - N on Rte. 52 on Boone Cr., in Barite prospect-crystal Barite,

Calcite, Fluorite, Sphalerite; - W 4 mi., a deposit-Barite.



FARMINGTON, HICKORY, SEDALIA, VIOLA, regional gravel and clay pits, as

Pebbles-agate, chalcedony, chert, jasper, Quartz, silicified wood.

HARD MONEY, S 2½ mi., small quantities in gravel beds-Hematite.

MAYFIELD, SW 5 mi. on US 45 (and just N of Pryorsburg), area clay pits, as

Pebbles-agate, chalcedony, chert, jasper, Quartz, silicified wood.



ELIZABETHTOWN, area quarries in the Warsaw formationQuartz geodes, etc.

VINE GROVE, area excavations, pits, quarries, cut banks exposing the Warsaw

Formation-Quartz geodes.



CYTHIANA, SE 3 mi., in Ordovician limestone as a deposit-Barite.

LAIR, area mines and pits-Barite, Galena.



ROWLETTS, area rd. cuts, banks, stream gravels-banded Calcite onyx, petrified




LOUISVILLE: - area beds and banks of the Ohio R.-fossil coral, petrified

wood; - N end of Louisville-Jeffersonville bridge-fossil coral, petrified wood; - E via

US 60: (a) By-pass 60 to Grinstead Ave., turn right to quarries N of the by-pass near jct.; (b)

first left turn of Grinstead Ave., a quarry; (c) across the by-pass at E end of park-silicified

fossils, oolites; -: (a) rd. cuts along US 42; (b) the County Quarry (reached from

Grinstead Ave. N from By-pass 60 to Stilz, then left to Frankfort St., and Hillcrest to US 42),

quarry is 2½ mi. from jct. -silicified fossils; (c) rd. cuts N of the quarry-silicified

fossils; - Coral Turnpike, an exposuresilicified corals.

VALLEY STATION, S to Muldraugh’s Hill (on or near Co. line,; reached also from

West Point in Bullitt Co.), numerous roadside exposures of the Warsaw formation-Quartz




AREA, countywide exposures of the Fort Payne and Warsaw formations-geodes

(containing Calcite Celestite, Goethite, Fluorite, Quartz and Pyrite; some with

botryoidal and banded chalcedony), clear Quartz crystals.

ROWLAND, N, on rural rds. to just S of Rte. 52, on Boone Cr. near confluence of

Hanging Rock Cr. and Dix R., numerous pits and prospects-Barite, Calcite, Fluorite,


STANFORD: - S 6 mi. via Rte. 78 to near hall’s Gap, bed and banks of the Green

R.; - along the S and E banks and in the Green R. bed from Green River Church SW to New

Bethel Church-geodes (some having pink Calcite well terminated crystals or Quartz




BIRDSVILLE, nearby on Rte. 137, two abandoned quarries-Calcite, Dolomite

crystals, Fluorite, Quartz.

BURNA, area sandstone quarriesCalcite, Fluorite, Quartz crystals.

CARRSVILLE: - area fluorspar minesBarite, Calcite, Dolomite crystals,

Fluorite (various colors), Galena, Marcasite, Pyrite, Smithsonite, Sphalerite, with

some Lead-Silver minerals in Fluorspar; - E 1 mi. and S of Rte. 387, the Ellis

Mine-Calcite, Fluorite, Quartz crystals, etc.; - E, on N side of Rte. 3872, a fault near

the Ohio R. exposing brecciated sandstone-Fluorite cubes.

JOY, area fluorspar mines-Calcite, Fluorite, Galena, Quartz.

SMITHLAND, N at Dyer Hill fluorspar mine, in cavities in a massive fluorspar vein

in the Dyer Hill faultCalcite, Fluorite, Galena, Quartz crystals, Sphalerite.



AREA: - along the E shoreline of Kentucky lake, and - all area rd. cuts and

Quarries-Calcite geodes, jasper, Quartz.

EDDYVILLE, area gravel pits, rd. cuts, excavations-agate, chalcedony, jasper.

KENTUCKY DAM, 6 mi. above at milepost 30, on the Tennessee R., in the State

Quarry revealing an unusual exposure of the Warsaw formation-Calcite, jasper, Quartz


KENTUCKY DAM VILLAGE STATE PARK, area rd. cuts at entrance show Warsaw

Exposures-Fort Payne chert.



BEREA, SE on US 25, area rd. cuts and banksoolitic limestone, Quartz geodes.



PADUCAH, E 3 mi., mines and pitsocher.



CALVERT CITY, are of Highland Landing on the Tennessee R., a deposit on the




AREA: - area of the Kentucky R. bend (NE of Harrodsburg), and - the Two

Chimneys and Fantail minesBarite, Calcite, Fluorite.

HARRODSBURG, area minesBarite, Calcite, Fluorite, Galena, Sphalerite.



TOMPKINSVILLE, regional quarries, excavations, and other exposures of the

Warsaw formationWarsaw type geodes.



GRATZ, N on N bank of Kentucky R. immediately W of Rte. 355, dumps of the Gratz

Mine-Barite, Calcite, Fluorite, Galena, Sphalerite.



BOONE: - area rd. cuts; - S toward Mt. Vernon in all rd. cuts and banks-chert,

jasper, geodes, oolites; - in area limestone quarry-Calcite, oolitic limestone, Quartz.

MOUNT VERNON: - N on US 25, 1 mi. from city limits, in a rd. cut-gemmy black

chert, jasper; - W, in a limestone quarry-hert, jasper, geodes.




and excavations, cut banks, stream beds, etc.-fossils, crystals, minerals.

SALT LICK, W 5 mi. and 3 mi. N of Rte. 60, the old Rose River strip iron

Mine-Hematite nodules, jasper.



GEORGETOWN, area of Duval Sta., 1½ mi. distant at the Johnson vein-Galena

with Barite as the gangue mineral.



CUMBERLAND FALLS, area quarries and stream banks, rd, cuts, etc.-Rockcastle

conglomerate (a sandstone matrix filled with well cemented pebbles of flint, jasper quartz,




TROY, SW 2 mi. on Mundy’s landing rd., dead-ending at mines and prospect

Pits-crystals of Barite, Calcite, Fluorite, Galena, Sphalerite.

Kentucky Mineral List: contains entries from the region specified including sub-localities
Almandine Gypsum Perovskite
Alunite var: Satin Spar Gypsum Phlogopite
Anatase var: Selenite Pickeringite
Anglesite Halite 'Plessite'
Anhydrite Halotrichite Pyrite
Ankerite Haxonite Pyrolusite
Antigorite Hematite Pyromorphite
'Apatite' Hemimorphite Pyrope
'var: Collophane' Hibonite Quartz
'var: Phosphorite' Honessite var: Agate
Aragonite 'Hornblende' var: Amethyst
'Asphaltum' Hydrohonessite var: Chalcedony
Augite Hydrozincite var: Chert
Aurichalcite Illite var: Flint
Baryte Ilmenite var: Jasper
Barytocalcite Iron var: Petrified Wood
Berthierine var: Kamacite var: Smoky Quartz
Biotite Jamborite Römerite
'Bitumen' Kaolinite Rutile
Calcite Lepidocrocite Salammoniac
var: Travertine Leucoxene Schreibersite
Carlsbergite Limonite 'Serpentine Group'
Celestine Magnesite Siderite
Cerussite Magnetite Silver
Chalcocite Malachite 'Smectite Group'
Chalcopyrite 'Manganese Oxides Smithsonite
'Chlorite Group' var: Manganese Dendrites' Smythite
Chromite 'Marble' Sphalerite
'Clay' Marcasite Stanfieldite
'Coal Melanterite Strontianite
var: Bituminous Coal' Melilite Sulphur
Copiapite Merrillite Taenite
Copper Metavoltine Titanite
Diopside 'Mica Group' Troilite
var: Chromian Diopside Millerite Tschermakite
Dolomite Mirabilite Uraninite
var: Ferroan Dolomite Muscovite Uvite
Enstatite Nickelphosphide Vermiculite
Epsomite Niter Violarite
'Feldspar Group' Nitratine Vivianite
Fluorite Nitrocalcite Voltaite
Galena 'Ochre' 'Wad'
Glauconite 'Olivine' Witherite
Goethite Opal  
Goslarite 'Orthopyroxene Subgroup'  
Greenockite Paratacamite  

Adair Co.
Butler Quarry
Gaddie-Shamrock Columbia quarry
Neatsville Shale Prospect
Patton Quarry
Williams Quarry (55 South Quarry; Williams Quarry & Plant)
Allen Co.
Allen County Quarry (McLellan No. 7 Mine; Allen County Stone; Div. of Medusa Aggregates)
Allen County quarry (Scotty's quarry)
Outcrop Sample For Uranium Occurrence
Anderson Co.
Bear Branch Creek Vein (Routt Vein)
Hammonds Creek Vein
Kentucky River
L. Z. Bond Deposit
Memphis Prospect Area Prospect No. 1
Tyrone Mine
Watts Vein
Ballard Co.
Stovall Creek Clay Prospect (Marshall Farm)
Barren Co.
Barren County Quarry
Barren County quarry (Scottys quarry)
Barren River Lake (shoreline)
Burton Stone Co. quarry (Barren County quarry)
Cave City
Crystal Cave
McMurtrey Quarry
Pace Quarry
Park City Quarry & Mill
U.S. 31E road cuts
Bath Co.
Clover Creek Iron Tract Prospect (Rose Run Iron Area)
Horton-North Iron Tract Prospect (Rose Run Iron Area)
Horton-South Iron Tract Prospect (Rose Run Iron Area)
Indian Creek Iron Track Prospect (Rose Run Iron Area)
J. W. Ingram Deposit
Rose Run Iron Tract Prospect (Rose Run Iron Area)
Bell Co.
Hamptonridge Shale Excavation Site Prospect
Levi Polly Sand Pit
Old Railroad Shale Prospect
VM+M Mining quarry
Boone Co.
Big Bone Lick State Park
Constance Yard
Bourbon Co.
Bourbon Limestone Company quarry
Caldwell veins (Unnamed mines)
Cassius Clay veins
Clay vein
Daniel Isrigg prospect
Houston Creek veins
Paris and Marsh veins
Peacock Road vein
Purdy vein
Quincy Quarries; Inc.
Ruddels Mill vein
Silas Creek vein
Boyd Co.
Bolt's Fork Deposit
Buena Vista Clay Bed Prospect
Clinton Shale Mine
Princess Mine Big Run (Del; Cline Brick Company; Princess No. 1 Mine and Mill)
Boyle Co.
Baughman vein
Carpenter Creek
Caldwell Stone Company Quarry
Walker vein
Danville Mine
Faulconer mine
Gunn vein
Highway 1363 Roadcut Prospect
Hubble vein
Kentucky Barytes Co. Mine (Haydon vein)
Sandidge mine
Walker West vein
Bracken Co.
Branch Junction Clay Prospect (Ritchie-Carpenter Farm)
Breathitt Co.
Hillside Roadcut Prospect
Breckinridge Co.
Cloverport Pit & Plant
Cloverport Roadcut Prospect
Hanson Aggregates Irvington Quarry
Hardinsburg Quarry
Irving Quarry
Mystic quarry
Roadcut Shale Prospect
Bullitt Co.
Bullitt County Quarry (Bells Mills Quarry; Rogers Group)
Highway 61 Roadcut Prospect
Kentucky Solite Corporation mine
KY 1526 road cuts
Mount Washington
US Highway 31E bypass road cuts
Sheperdsville Mine (Shepherdsville Mine)
Sheperdsville Quarry (Quality Stone - Ready Mix)
Butler Co.
Gary Brothers No. 2 Quarry (Gary Brothers Crushed Stone Company; No. 2 Morgantown Quarry)
Green River Shale Prospect
Sugar Grove Shale Prospect
Caldwell Co.
Fredonia Quarry (Fredonia Valley Quarries; Inc.)
Hanson Aggregates Midwest Princeton quarry
Hobby Titanium Deposit
Hobby Tungsten Deposit
Illinois - Kentucky Fluorspar District
Beavers Fluorite Prospect
Bright Mine
Dodds Mine
Eddie Crowder Mine
Gilbert Williamson Deposit (Meadows Shaft)
Hodge Number 1 Mine
Hodge Number 2 Mine
Hodge Number 3 Mine
Hodge Number 4 Mine
Jesse Redd Prospect
Lowery Mine
Marble Mine
Morgan Heirs Fluorspar Tract Prospect
Ray-Lowery area mines
Ray Mine
S. L. Crook Mine
Satterfield mine
Schwench Mine
Senator Main Shaft
Senator No. 1 Shaft
Senator No. 2 Shaft
Silverstar Mine
Stone Mine
Tabb Group Fluorspar Mines (West Tabb; Senator - Schwenck Area East Tabb)
Commercial shaft
Tyrie Mine
Walker Fluorspar Mine
Warren Fluorspar Mine
Martin Marietta Fredonia Valley quarry
Phelps Sandstone Pit (Hershel Phelps Farm)
Princeton Mine (Cedar Bluff Mine; Cedar Bluff Stone Company Inc.; Princeton No. 2 Mine)
Princeton Sandstone Pit
Calloway Co.
Backusburg Clay Prospect
Burton Shale Prospect (R. H. Burton Farm)
Cook Branch Clay Bed Prospect
Kirk Ridge Clay Exposure Prospect (Claud Miller Farm)
Murray meteorite
Sugar Creek Clay Prospect
Campbell Co.
Brush Creek Clay Prospect
Carlisle Co.
McGary Mine
Carroll Co.
Eagle Station meteorite
Interstate 71 road cuts
Carter Co.
Brushy Creek Clay Prospect
Carter Pit (Grefco Bennett Strip Mine)
Carter Quarry
Chespeake Sandstone Pit
Dry Branch Strip Mine
Ford Burchett Clay Mine
Ford Burchett Mine (No. 7 Mine)
Fultz Clay Mine
Gesling Open Pit Mine
Hilger Mine
Hitchens Works
Lawton Sandstone Pit
Messer Mine
Olive Hill Quarry
Porter School Shale Prospect
RA Quarry (Ken-More Stone Company)
Railroad Sandstone Pit
Ramey Zorne Branch Mine
Soldier Fork-Macabee Creek Mine 1
Soldier Fork-Macabee Creek Mine 2
Soldier Fork-Macabee Creek Mine 3
Soldier Fork-Macabee Creek Mine 4
Soldier Fork-Macabee Creek Mine 5
Stafford Hill Mine
V Quarry (Ken-More Stone Company)
Wade Cooper Mine
Wesley Corn Mine (McCoy Clay Company)
Wilburn Mine
Womack Mine
Casey Co.
Bethelridge Mine (Casey Stone Company)
US 127 roadcut
Roadcut Bench Clay Bed Prospect
Christian Co.
Allied Mine
Britmark Clay Prospect
Christian Quarries; Inc. (Hopkinsville Quarry)
Dalton Brick-Clay Mine
Ellis prospect
Freeman shaft
Fruit Calc. prospect
Head's Victoria prospect
Hord prospect
Jarvin prospect
McReynolds prospect
Mount Vernon meteorite
Old Highway Shale Prospect
Pembroke Quarry
Pennyrile Parkway roadcut
U.S. 41a Quarry (Berry Quarry)
Williams prospect
Clark Co.
Doctor Cole prospect
Dry Fork vein
Hampton vein
Jones Nursery road vein
Morton's Mill Prospect
Rice vein
Smitha-Dugan vein
Stevenson vein
Thomas-Stevenson vein
Waterworks Road vein
US 627 roadcut
Clay Co.
Highway 11 Roadcut Prospect
Clinton Co.
Albany Quarry (Caldwell Quarry; Gaddie-Shamrock)
Crittenden Co.
Hick Jones prospect
Illinois - Kentucky Fluorspar District
Ainsworth Mine (incl. Baldwin shaft)
Alice Mine
Anderson Jones Prospect
Andy Cooper Deposit
Atlas No. 1 Mine
Atlas No. 2 Mine
Babb Group Fluorspar Mines (Guill; Kentucky - Babb; Delhi - Babb; Eagle - Babb - Barnes; E. Champion and Gio Taylor Properties Hardin 1955)
Beard Mine
Ben Belt Mine
Big Four Group Fluorspar Mines (Larue Fault System)
Blue Mine (Blue and Marble mine)
Brown Mine
Bryant Prospect (Bryant Adit)
Butler Mine
C. D. Chick Prospect
Clark Prospect
Clay Lick dike
Commodore Mine
Cox Mine
Craighead-Coates Mine (incl. Old Glory Mine; Stallion shaft)
Crosson Cave prospect
Crystal Mines
Dan Riley Mine
Deer Creek Mine
Delhi-Babb (Bachelor-Babb)
Dike - Eaton Group Fluorspar Mines (La Rue Brothers; Henly & Eli Brown; M. J. Franklin Areas; Conyer; and Gilless Properties)
Dock Watson Prospect
Eaton Prospect
Ebbie Hodge Mine
Eclipse Mine (McMican prospect)
Ed Flanary Mine
Edwards Mine
Eva Tanguay Mine
Foley Prospect
Formosa Deposit
Lafayette Mine (Tabb No. 1 Shaft; Wheatcroft Shaft; Brownward Shaft)
Wheatcraft Shaft
Franklin Mine
George Sliger Mine
Givens Prospect (Corn Mines)
Glendale Mines
Gray Mine
Hodge Mine
Holly Mine
Horning Tract Prospect
House Lot Mine
Howard Shaft (Howard Barnes Propeerty)
Jerry Croft Prospect
Jim Croft Prospect (Mayflower shaft)
John Mine
John N. Bebout Mine
K. K. Mine
Kentucky Mine
Keyes Mine
Keystone Mine and Mill
Lady Farmer Mine
Larkin Croft Prospect
Leander Mine
Leona Mine
Levias-Crittenden Springs Subdistrict
Ada Florence Mine
Drescher Cut
Levias - Crittenden Springs Group Fluorspar Mines (Keystone; Mary Belle and Columbia Mines; Franklin; Ada Florence)
Lucile Mine
Lucky Star Mine
Mann Mine
Marble Group (Haffaw; Blue and Marble; Eva Tanguay; Humphrey)
Clement Mine
Columbia mine
Eureka Prospects (Eureka Mine)
Hickory Cane Mine
Nine Acre Mine
Old Jim Mine
Mary Belle Mine
Mary Belle No. 1 Mine
Mary Belle No. 2 Mine
Mary Belle No. 3 Mine
Mary Belle No. 4 Mine
Mathews Mine
McMaster Prospect
Memphis Mine
Memphis Prospect Area No. 1 Mine
Memphis Prospect Area No. 2 Mine
Memphis Prospect Area No. 3 Mine
Memphis Prospect Area No. 4 Mine
Memphis Prospect Area No. 5 Mine
Memphis Prospect Area No. 6 Mine
Memphis Prospect Area No. 7 Mine
Bibb prospects and shaft
Pygmy Mine (Pigmy Mine; Myers prospect)
Riley shaft
Meyers Mine
Mico Mine (Cook-Spring Mine; Spring Barite mine)
Miller Mine No. 1
Miller Mine No. 2
Mineral Ridge mine
Moore Hill
Carrie Butler Occurrence
Eagle-Lowery Prospect
F. Tyner Prospect
H. Watson (Eli Brown; Two Brothers)
Hicks (Eli Brown)
J. Tyner Occurrence (Eli Brown)
La Rue (Riggs)
Ludwig Prospect
Moorehill Group
Oxley Prospect
Sisco Occurrence
Stevens Occurrence (Howard and Frazer)
Summers and Conyer Propety (Summers Mine)
Tightwad (L. E. Waddell)
Watson Occurrence
Wring Prospect
Old Dad Mine
Old Hollow Mine
Parish Shaft
Pogue Mine
Red Hill Mine
Redd Mine
Reiter Mine
Reynolds Metals Property
Davenport Mine
Eagle-Babb Mine
Southwest Shaft
Eagle Mine
Si Franklin Prospect
Struck-it-Rich Mine
Susie Beeler mine
Tabb Subdistrict
Ashbridge Mine
Wheeler Mine
Tabor Mine
Thurman Mine
Vinson Deposit
W. D. Hardin Mine (Red Fox Mine)
Wallingford Prospect
White Mine
Wilson Mine
Yandell Mines (Milliken Shaft)
Marion Mine & Mill
Cumberland Co.
Central Tennessee District
Burkesville Project Prospect
Matthews veins
Grider Quarry (Gaddie-Shamrock Burkesville quarry)
Kentucky 61 road cuts
Outcrop Sample For Uranium Occurrence
Edmonson Co.
Bee Spring Quarry
Dismal Creek Eastwall Clay Pit
Dismal Creek Quarry
Dismal Creek West Clay Pit
Gully Clay Prospect
Johnson Mine Clay Pit
Kyrock Quarry
Mammoth Cave National Park
Mammoth Cave
Park City Quarry (Park City No. 4 Quarry and Mill; State Contracting and Stone Company; Medusa Aggregates)
Vincent Prospect Pit
Elliott Co.
Durham Fork Shale Prospect
Elliott County Kimberlite
Highway 32 Roadcut Prospect
Estill Co.
Highway 52 Roadcut Prospect
Highway 851 Shalw Exposure Prospect
Possum Run Clay Bed Prospect
Renfro and Borden formations
Tipton Ridge Quarry (Estill Stone Company)
Fayette Co.
Blue Grass Christian Camp vein
Boggs Fork Creek vein
Bosworth vein
Craig Vein
Crenshaw vein
Dolan prospect
Dowling and Pettit vein
Erdman vein
Georgetown Road Quarry (Blue Grass Quarry)
Goff vein
I-75 vein
Lexington Underground No. 1 (Central Rock Company vein)
McChord and McChord Schoolhouse vein
Moore vein
Morton's Mill Prospect
Peter vein
Potters Field prospect (Stoll vein)
Richmond Road Quarry
Russell's Cave prospect (Cole and Russell Cave vein)
Smitha Vein
South Haggins vein
Ware vein
Yarlington vein
Yawl vein
Fleming Co.
Carpenter Quarry
Fairview Roadcut Clay Bed Prospect
Hanson Aggregates Midwest Flemingsburg quarry
Kentucky 33 roadcuts
Floyd Co.
East Point Roadcut Prospect
F-1 Mine
Levisa Fork Sandstone Pit
Franklin Co.
Camp Pleasant Mining Company prospects
Clark Mine
Flat Creek prospects
Franklin County Mine
Glenns Creek
Jones vein
Switzer prospects
Thorn Hill Clay Bed Prospect
US 127 roadcuts
Waits Mine
Garrard Co.
Camp Nelson Stone Mine (Camp Nelson Stone Company; Inc.)
Campbell veins
Clinche Valley barite prospects
KY 34 Road cut (Sandidge Vein Extension)
Dix River Mining prospects
Dunn vein
Fox vein
Harmony Church Clay Bed Prospect
Hogg vein
John Burdette Deposit (Boone Creek mine)
McKensie-Moss vein
Microwave Tower vein
Tuggle vein
Graves Co.
Dunning Mine
Farmington Clay Mine
Old Hickory Mine
Jackson Purchase
Jackson Purchase Ball Clay Region (Holly Springs Clay)
Kentucky Mine
Lamkin Mine
Mayfield Kentucky Ball Clay
Ranch Mine
Ray Branch Clay Pit
Grayson Co.
Buck Creek Clay Prospect
Ragland Mine & Mill
Wendell Ford Western Kentucky Parkway
Green Co.
Nally and Gibson Greensburg Quarry
Greenup Co.
Bradley Mines
Bush-Corn Mine
Dupuy Clay Strip Mine
Greenup Mine
Hannah Clay Company Mine
Hoods Run Mine
Horner Clay Mine
Howland Tract Mine
Jordan Clay Strip Mine
Madden Mine
Paul Coffey quarry
River Creek Clay Bed Prospect (W. Tong West Farm)
Smith Mine
South Shore Clay Bed Prospect
Strickland Tract Mine
Hancock Co.
American Olean Tile Tract No. 1
American Olean Tile Tract No. 2 (Lewisport No. 1 Mine)
Can-Tex Pit (Can-Tex Industries; Div. of Harsco; Lewisport and No. 1 Mine)
Cannelton Mine (Lewisport and No. 1 Mine)
Indian Lake Sandstone Bluff Prospect
Lewisport Mine No. 3
Newton Springs Church Clay Prospect
Owensboro Brick Plant (Lewisport Mine)
Hardin Co.
Big Clifty Sandstone Exposure Prospect
Cen-Ken Stone Plant No. 2 (Waters Quarry; Inc.)
Eastview Abandoned Sandstone Pit
Fort Knox Quarry (Facilities Engineering)
Highway Clay Bed Prospect
Highway Road Cut on US31W near Muldraugh
KY 313 road cuts
No. 1 Fort Knox Quarry (Osborne Brothers Quarry Company)
No. 3 Quarry (Osborne Brothers Quarry Company; Stephensburg No. 2 Quarry and Plant)
Railroad Overpass Sandstone Outcrop Prospect
Rolling Fork Shale Prospect
Sandstone Roadcut Prospect
Upton Quarry
Vulcan Materials Company Colesburg quarry (Fort Knox quarry)
Vulcan Materials Company Elizabethtown quarry
Vulcan Materials Company Stephensburg quarry
Harlan Co.
Harlan Mine
Jesse Spur Roadcut Prospect
Kentenia Shale Prospect
Pine Mountain Sandstone Outcrop Prospect
Wallins Creek South Shale Prospect
Harrison Co.
Cynthiana Quarry
Hoggin Veins
Lair prospect (Lail vein)
Silas Creek
Hart Co.
Bowles Clay Pit (Philip Moss Farm)
Childress Clay Pit
Geralds Stone Mine and Mill
Horse Cave Quarry
Mammoth Cave National Park
Mammoth Cave
Murray Clay Pit
Henry Co.
Boston & Kentucky Mining Company
Drennon Springs and Green vein
Gratz Vein Area
Lockport Mine
Union Mine
James and Montgomery vein
Lockport vein
Lockport Mining Company
Lockport Quarry & Plant (Geoghegan and Mathis; Inc.)
Union Mining Company
White Sulphur Springs vein
Hickman Co.
Chalk Bluff Sandstone Prospect
Hopkins Co.
Jewel City Clay Mine
St. Charles Clay Prospect
Jackson Co.
Clover Bottom Underground (Clover Bottom Mine; M. A. Walker Company; Inc.)
Indian Creek Mine (Indian Creek Underground)
J. W. Miller Prospect
Rose Prospect
Station Camp Creek; South Fork; Rock Lick Creek
Jefferson Co.
Beargrass Creek quarries
Eastern Jefferson County
Fern Creek Stone (Fern Creek Quarry; Division)
General Shale Products Coral Ridge mine
I-265 Road cuts
Kosmosdale Pit (Cement Division; Kosmosdale Pit Cement)
KY highway 155
Louisville Crushed Stone Mine
Okolona Quarry
Rogers Group Inc. Middletown
Jefferson Stone Quarry (Avoca Quarry)
Southwestern Jefferson County
US 31 and US150 roadcut
Jessamine Co.
Ambrose Fault Vein (Horine vein)
H M Mine
John West fault vein
Lexington Quarry Company Catnip Hill quarry
McKenzie-Moss vein
Noel vein
Overstreet vein
Prentiss vein
Trinity Church vein
Johnson Co.
Cantrill Branch Shale Prospect
Flat Gap Shale Prospect
Greasy Creek Clay Bed Prospect
Shack Branch Shale Prospect
Stffordsville Sandstone Roadcut Prospect
Volga Shale Prospect
Whippoorwill Branch Shale Prospect
Kenton Co.
Kenton County meteorite
Knott Co.
Ogden Branch Stone
Knox Co.
Barbourville Shale
Highway 25-E Roadcut Prospect
Larue Co.
Highway 84 Roadcut Prospect
Rolling Fork Roadcut Prospect
Laurel Co.
Bryant Prospect
Highway 80 Sandstone Pit
Laurel County Quarry
Lawrence Co.
Busseyville Sandstone Outcrop Prospect
Lick Creek Clay Prospect
Lee Co.
Mud Tunnel Shale Prospect
Yellow Rock Mine & Mill (Yellow Rock Mine)
Letcher Co.
Gordon Lewis Sandpit
Hurricane Gap Quarry (Hurricane Gap Quarries; Inc.)
Jenkins Mine
Nally and Hayden Quarry
Pine Mountain Gap Shale Prospect
Whitesburg Mill Quarry (State Contracting and Stone Company; Contractor Service Corp.)
Lewis Co.
Horner Mine
Lincoln Co.
Arabia Roadcut Prospect
Black Shales
Brassfield Dolomite occurrence
Crab Orchard
Eagleman fault (KY 590 vein)
Eastside Roadcut Clay Bed Prospect
Givens vein
Green River
Halls Gap
US 27 roadcut
Hanging Fork Creek vein
Kenton vein
Kings Mountain
Swinebroad vein
Westside Roadcut Clay Bed Prospect
White vein
Livingston Co.
Illinois - Kentucky Fluorspar District
Alcoa Shaft Fluorspar Mine
Alley Deposit (Alley-Jewel)
Atwood Mine
B. S. Watson Prospect
Babb Fault System
Babb-Guill Mine
Billy Owl Mine
Bradshaw prospect
Burns Mine
Campbell-Crotser Prospect
Chittenden - Black - Wright Prospect
Clement mine
Damron mine
Eagle-Butler Mine
Ellis-Carr mine
Green Mine
Henry Woods Mine
Kemper Prospect
Kibler Hill mine
Klondike Mine (Coker Donakie; NE Klondike; Bernard)
Lewis Prospect
Lindley Prospect
Loveless Mine (Ramage mine)
Mann-McDowell Mine
May Mine (Jameson prospect)
McClure Prospect
Mineral Ridge - Claylick Fluorspar Mines
Mitchell Mine (Lola mine; Mitchell-Bateman)
Moore Hill
Evening Star Mine (Cullen mine; Cullen-Eagle mine)
John Butler Occurrence
Kirk Prospect
Moore Hill Group Fluorspar Mines (Nancy Hanks; Eagle-Watson; and Davenport Properties)
Nancy Hanks Property (Hanks Mine)
Teer Occurrence (Shelby)
Morning Star Mine
Old Dell Robertson Prospect
Robinson-Lasher mine
Royal Mine (Old Silver Mine; Royal Silver)
Guill Mine
Hutson Zinc mine
Alnoite vein
Kentucky Mine
Salem Mine
Senator Mine
Shouse Mine
Dyers Hill Mine
St. John Mine
Suits Prospect
Sunderland Prospect
Tom Spees Mine
W. H. Null Prospect
Wooldridge Farm Prospect
Wright Mine (Bill Wright; Professor Wright; Wring; Eagle-Wring)
Wyatt Prospect
Jesse Walker Prospect
Mineral Ridge District
Cullen Mine
Cullen No. 2
Slats Lucas Quarry
Reed Mine (Grand Rivers Quarry; Vulcan Materials)
Smithland Quarry (Three Rivers quarry; Martin Marietta)
Valley Divide Clay Bed Prospect
Logan Co.
Hanson Aggregates Midwest Russelville Quarry
Kentucky Flagstone Company Quarry
Mid-South Stone Company Quarry
Russelville Kentucky Mine & Mill (Russelville Quarry)
Tri County Quarry
Lyon Co.
Cook Calc. prospect
Eddyville Calc. prospect
Padon prospect
Redd manganese prospect
Smith prospect
Wadington prospect
Madison Co.
Big Hill
Boonesboro Quarry (Boonesboro Mine and Mill)
Boonesboro Vein
Clays Ferry vein
Clear Creek Fault
Hines Creek vein
Portwood Clay Prospect
Reynolds vein
US 421
Magoffin Co.
Burning Fork Shale Prospect
Marion Co.
Nally and Haydon Lebanon Quarry
Rolling Fork Clay Bed Prospect
Ward & Montgomery Quarry
Marshall Co.
Briensburg Shale Prospect
Fort Payne Chert Prospect
Jonathan Creek Clay Prospect
West-Of-Highway Clay Prospect
Martin Co.
Highway Roadcut Clay Bed Prospect
Mason Co.
Cabin Creek Mine
McCracken Co.
Massac Creek Clay Bed Prospect
McCreary Co.
Parkers Lake Shale Prospect
US Highway 27 roadcut
Whitley Clay Bed Prospect
Yamacraw Sandstone Roadcut Prospect
McLean Co.
Livermore Shale Prospect
Roland Landing Sandstone Quarry
Meade Co.
Battletown Mine (Diamond-Kosmos Portland Cement Company; Subsidiary of The Flintkote Company)
Flaherty-Otter Creek Sandstone Pit
Muldraugh (Fort Knox)
KY 1638 roadcut
Muldraugh dome
Muldraugh Hill
Railroad cut
No. 4 Quarry (No. 3 Quarry & Mill; Osborne Brothers Quarry Company)
Riverside Mine
Vulcan Materials Brandenburg quarry
Wolf Creek Clay Bed Prospect
Menifee Co.
Indian Creek Quarry (A. W. Walker and Son)
Mercer Co.
Central Rock Company; Inc. (Mercer Stone Company; Harrodsburg Quarry; Mercer County Quarry)
Cummins Ferry Road vein
Curry Lane vein
Fantail mine
Faulconer vein
Gate Vein
Gloebbel Dean mine
Kentron mine
Old Dean mine (James Britton mine)
Riker vein
Shaker Creek
Green Million Vein (Chin Calcite Mine; California Mine; Lone Oak Mine)
Thompson vein
Twin Chimneys mine
Unity Road veins
Metcalfe Co.
Chapman Quarry
Edmonton meteorite
Monroe Co.
Central Tennessee District
Fountain Run Prospect (Flippin)
Gamaliel Prospect
Outcrop Sample For Uranium Occurrence (1)
Outcrop Sample For Uranium Occurrence (2)
Outcrop Sample For Uranium Occurrence (3)
Scotty's quarry (Tompkinsville quarry)
Sulfur Creek veins
Trico Stone Mine
Montgomery Co.
213 Quarry (A. W. Walker and Son)
Donaldson Creek Quarry (Mount Sterling Quarry & Mill 1972; Montgomery County Stone Company; Inc.)
Morgan Co.
Barnett Shale Prospect
D Quarry (Plant D Mine; Plant M Mine and Mill)
MJM Mine
Zag Mine
Zag Shale Prospect
Muhlenberg Co.
Greenville Quarry
Nelson Co.
KY 245 roadcuts (1)
KY 245 roadcuts (2)
Medusa Aggregates Bardstown Quarry
Blue Gap Roadcut Prospect
Cox's Creek
Nelson County meteorite
US 150 roadcut
Nelson County Highway Dept.
Nicholas Co.
Nicholas County Quarry (Nicholas County Highway Dept.)
Ohio Co.
Fort Hartford Mine
Sulphur Springs Quarry (Hartford Mine & Mill; Medusa Aggregates)
Trestle Clay Prospect
Oldham Co.
Rogers Group Inc.
Oldham Crushed Stone
Crestwood Mine Underground
Crestwood Quarry
KY 329 roadcuts
La Grange
Joe Clark Quarry
Owen Co.
Big Twin Creek prospects
Barnett vein
Cantor Mine
Hoosier Mine
Browns Bottom fault
Browns Bottom prospect
Gratz Mine
K. T. Dome Mine
Sandridge Creek prospects
Twin Valley Mine & Mill
Owsley Co.
Crane Fork Valley Shale Prospect
Pendleton Co.
Butler Quarry
Carntown Limekiln
Pendleton County Underground (Black River Carntown Mine)
Perry Co.
Branch Gap Clay Prospect
Buffalo Divide Shale Prospect
Hazard No. 7 seam
Pike Co.
Elkhorn Quarry
Highway 80 Roadcut Prospect
Johnson Mine
Roadcut Shale
Powell Co.
Drake 01 (Stanton Shale Quarry & Mill)
Natural Bridge Stone Company; Inc. (Stanton Quarry & Mill; Hinkle Construction)
Renfro and Borden formations
Pulaski Co.
American Concrete Stone Company (837 Quarry and Mill 1972)
Black shales
Cumberland Parkway roadcut
Fishing Creek Shale Prospect
Hanson Aggregates Midwest Pulaski Quarry
Hanson Aggregates Midwest Quarry (Elmo Greer and Sons quarry)
Price Valley Quarry
Somerset Quarry (Hinkle Contracting quarry)
US Highway 27 roadcut
Tateville Mine (Strunk Crushed Stone; Hinkle Contracting)
Rockcastle Co.
Grassy Creek
Great Saltpetre Cave
Mount Vernon Mine
Mullins Mine
Renfro Valley (I-75 exit 62)
Rockcastle-Garrard Shale Exposure Prospect
Rowan Co.
Clay Heirs Mine
Cogswell-Fultz Mine (Rowan Mine 1974)
Eastside Roadcut Clay Bed Prospect
Ellitoville Gully Prospect
Patties Lick Strip Mine
Plant C Mine (C Quarry; Ken-Mor Stone Company; Inc.)
Plant K Mine
Rose River Iron Mines
Sweetnam Mine
Triplett Creek
US 60 roadcut
W. T. Caudill Strip Mine
Russell Co.
Manntown Road
Matthews vein
Scott Co.
Arnspiger Vein
Central Kentucky Fluorspar District
Nally - Gibson Quarry
Clark vein (Kissinger vein)
Coleman vein
Dolan vein
J. L. Lisle vein
Johnson Vein (Hooke vein; Johnson barite mine)
Mutual Mining Company
North Elkhorn Creek vein (Crumbaugh mine)
Wm. Davis Vein
Shelby Co.
Simpson Co.
Franklin Quarry
Spencer Co.
Spencer County Stone Inc.
KY 155 - 55 Road cuts
KY 155 Road cut
Taylor Co.
Badger Mine and Mill (Badger Mine)
Todd Co.
Todd Quarry
Trigg Co.
Canton Quarry
Cheatham Hollow Clay Prospect (I. V. Thompson Farm)
Cooper prospect
Ferguson prospect
Hillman prospect
Johnson prospect
Malone prospect
O'Hara shaft
Overby shaft
Owen shaft
Peel prospect
Pue prospect
Taoler shaft
Trimble Co.
I-71 roadcuts
KY 1606 roadcuts
Union Co.
Babb Barite prospect
Caseyville-Dekoven Road Outcrop Prospect
Taryta Spring prospect
Uniontown Brick Works
Warren Co.
Bowling Green Quarry (Bowling Green No. 2 Quarry & Mill; Bowling Green No. 4 Quarry & Mill)
Commonwealth Stone Company Quarry (Bristow quarry)
Gary Brothers Quarry (Gary Brothers Crushed Stone Company; Bowling Green Quarry)
Smith Grove No. 3 Quarry (State Contracting Stone Company)
White Stone Company Quarry
Washington Co.
Nally - Gibson quarry
Wayne Co.
Coffey Mountain Shale Prospect
Bassett Products Co. quarry
Monticello Quarry
Road cuts
Webster Co.
Highway Junction Shale
Nesbit Hill Shale Prospect
Whitley Co.
Cave Creek-Jowl Mountain Shale Prospect
Hog Jowl Mountain Roadcut Prospect
Junction Roadcut Prospect
Louden Shale Prospect
No. 1 Mine
Wolfe Co.
Mill Creek Stone (Rogers Mine and Mill; Porter Construction)
Stillwater Sandstone Exposure Prospect
Woodford Co.
Fairchild Mine
Mundy's Landing
Chinn Mine
Dean Mine
Faircloth Veins
East Faircloth (Hayden Mine)
West Faircloth (Moore Mine)
Hanna-Morgan mine
Noel vein
Nonesuch vein (Allender vein)
Orr vein
Prather vein (Troy vein prospect pit)
Prewitt vein
Shropshire vein
Shrylock Ferry
Cotton vein
Shrylock Ferry vein (Milner quarry)
Spring Station
I-64 vein
Withrow vein
Temporary quarry at KY state road 33 and Bluegrass Parkway

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